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Welcome to QSR International  

Our Vision:

To be the best Quick Service Restaurant Developer in the region.

Our Mission:

To become the restaurants of choice for every occasion through a maniacal focus on our customers, our people, our food quality and the community.

About QSR International

QSR International (QSR) is a 125-unit, multi-brand Master Franchise quick-service restaurant developer currently conducting business in 16 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. In this region, QSR owns and operates the Master Franchise for Quiznos, Smashburger, and Teriyaki Experience, where they currently have 122 units of these brands operating, and an additional 100 units committed or under development.  

Within Costa Rica, QSR bases its Restaurant Support Center (headquarters) and Restaurant Excellence Center (training facility). Costa Rica is also where QSR owns, licenses, and operates 28 Quiznos, 3 Smashburger restaurants, 6 Teriyaki Experience restaurants, one Cinnabon Bakery Shop, and a Centenario Rum Bar & Cafe.

In addition, through a subsidiary, QSR International owns and operates over 80% of all the food concessions on the airsides of the two largest International airports within Costa Rica. 

Finally, QSR, through wholly-owned subsidiaries, operates several companies which service and supply the restaurant, hotel, and retail grocery industries. These companies include a Restaurant Supply Chain Store (Chef’s Supply), an Industrial Bakery (Chef’s Kitchen), and a real estate investment company. 



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Country Counts

Open Restaurants
Country Quiznos Teriyaki Smashburger Other Total
Aruba 2       2
Cayman Island 1       1
Costa Rica 28 6 2 2 38
Curacao 1       1
Dominican Republic 6       6
Ecuador 7            7
El Salvador 8   1   9
Guatemala 0       0
Guyana 1       1
Honduras 6 1     7
Nicaragua 4       4
Mexico  20        20
Panama 0   1   1
Panama Airport 1 1     2
Paraguay 1       1
St. Maarten 1       1
Trinidad & Tobago          
Venezuela 19       19
Totals 106 7 4 2 120

Our Brands

chef's kitchen  

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